What is the Average Salary of an Engineer?

When I first began working in the field back in the early 80s, and salaries were good for the time, because industry was strong in the United States, but there weren’t enough engineers to fill all the demand.

Fast forward to 2012, and salaries are okay, but they don’t necessarily reflect the times. First of all, there is much less industrial jobs out there, and companies are playing two different strategies–possibly causing problems for themselves.  First off, the average starting salary for a beginning engineer with less than a a year of experience in industrial applications is approximately $40,ooo to 60,000, depending on their schooling, field, and concentration.  Salary levels go up with years of experience, and many more experienced engineers make even more when if ad when they move into management positions.  The problem with modern companies is that they complain that they can’t find the right candidates, but they don’t necessarily want to PAY large salaries to attract the right candidates.  They are, in effect, shooting themselves in the foot by trying to “cheap out,”  or by only attracting less-qualified candidates.

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