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What Is Engineering

What Is Engineering

Technology is probably the best distinguishing factor that this age has as compared to previous eras. Everywhere you look, you will see advanced structures and constructions along with the various technological inventions and devices on hand. One group of people that made this possible is the engineers. These individuals are practically connected with everything that we see today such as entertainment, transportation, medicine and the like. To better understand such diversity and what is engineering, below is a discussion on the various types of engineers.


One cannot fully grasp the concept of what is engineering if the fields comprising it are not discussed. Said discipline has actually more than a dozen of subfields under it. One of them is called aeronautical engineering. Engineers involved in this sub-discipline are engaged in designing, manufacturing and operating rockets, missiles, spacecraft and aircraft. On the other hand, the engineers who are engaged in applying engineering techniques and principles to the field of medicine are called biomedical engineers. They integrate the principles of engineering with computational, mathematical, chemical and physical sciences to develop innovative devices, implants, processes, materials and biologics. Another sub-group of engineers are called mechanical engineers. Said professionals are the ones responsible for designing, building and testing engine and machines. Also a popular group under what is engineering is the civil engineers. They engage in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining structures like dams, bridges, roads, and buildings. We also have chemical engineers, electronics and electrical engineers, systems engineers, biomechanical engineers, photonics, agricultural engineers, mineral engineers, nuclear engineers, and computer hardware and software engineers.


From such discussion alone on what is engineering, one can deduce or infer that such discipline has performed a particularly important role in this developed world of ours. Without it, it would have been harder to travel or cure the various diseases that we now experience today.


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