Trying to Understand Engineering

What Is Engineering

What Is Engineering

Understanding and using mathematics and science to create useful things makes up of what is engineering. From elegant houses, high-rise building, long bridges, automobiles, computer to even the simplest toy were made possible because of engineering.


The field of what is engineering is a broad field and it includes a wide range of professionals and industries. This field has been referred to as the “invisible science” as many engineers are not recognized and yet they do an impressive task of harnessing physical laws to create something useful. Just take the Golden Gate Bridge in California, one may only think that the red bridge is beautiful and is picture perfect for a souvenir shot. However, building bridge was an engineering feat as this was made only using complicated calculations using the calculator and slide rule as computers were not invented yet during its construction.


Science and mathematics are considered the important basic disciplines for various activities of what is engineering. Since the dawn of humanity, human beings have always tried to learn from the environment and then think of ways to serve their needs for example learning how to build something that would not sink when crossing rivers or lakes. So as science and mathematics have improved, humanity is now able to create complex things out of engineering.


Inventions that will aid our understanding of science of the natural world also comprised of what is engineering. The research facilities such as particle accelerators and space stations are products of engineering feats. Mostly like because of these researches you are enjoying the reading this article from your computer and Internet connection. Engineering has really advanced the development of civilizations. This may even aid humanity in facing new challenges in the environment such as disasters and climate change.

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