What is Engineering – What is it About

What Is Engineering

What Is Engineering

If there is a college course that never goes out of fashion, engineering would be somewhere on top of the priority list. The reason for this is simple: it is the practical application of both mathematics and science – which are practically two of the most essential disciplines in our society. And with the continuous growth of technological advancement, engineering had been a very useful comrade in almost all aspects of basic human needs vis-à-vis cultural diversity. But if you are still asking yourself the question what is engineering, then below is a brief and concise discussion of what it’s all about.


In a nutshell, people who are into engineering are problem-solvers; people who are tasked with making our life more efficient and convenient and our work more competent and less expensive. Delving deeper into the query as to what is engineering really, you will find out that it has been responsible with a wide array of commodities and devices that we commonly use. From the micro computer chips up to sophisticated communication satellites and renewable energy technologies, engineering makes rapid yet proficient modernity possible. To further the analysis on the question what is engineering, two very specific engineering fields that have become famous for the past decade deserve at least a succinct discussion: electrical and computer engineering. The latter form of engineering is the one responsible for evaluating and analyzing computer systems, both software and hardware. Not only do they endeavor to maintain the stability and efficacy of today’s computer system, but also they constantly find ways to innovate and make better these systems and frameworks. On the other hand, electrical engineering has made for itself an effigy for the sundry of contributions that it had made to our world. It helped invent devices such as, cellular phones, DSL, microchips, computer, DVD players, television, and a lot more. It, too, is responsible for ushering in to our society motor vehicles and airplanes. In other words, it has given us almost every single commodity that we see around us.


Lastly, the answer to the question what is engineering may also be approached by citing other kinds of engineering that had made big impact to our society, aside from the two that have already been aforementioned: bioengineering, biomedical, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, and a lot more.



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