What Is Engineering And Its Fields

What Is Engineering

A structural engineer surveys his domain

The study of various sciences and knowledge comprises the area of what is engineering. Engineers need to make use of this knowledge about math and physics in order to solve the problems besetting humanity. They may make new objects or improve existing ones in order to solve chosen problems. Engineers also need to learn regularly new discoveries and new inventions for them to have better solutions to problems they are working.


The field of what is engineering deals with a lot of problem solving. The main task of an engineer to analyze what type of result is needed, come up with a design and then analyze constraints and then re-design the solution for the task at hand. It is not just about making a new solution to a problem but it has to meet certain requirements such safety, the environment, cost of production and the technology needed.


There are many disciplines and sub-disciplines of what is engineering. The main branches of engineering disciplines include chemical engineering that concerns with designing new materials and fuels as well as new processes for chemical production and processing. Another discipline is civil engineering, which mainly concerns with the building infrastructures like roads, bridges and houses. There is also electrical engineering that deals with electrical and electronic systems such as electrical wiring of buildings and houses, computers and other electronics. Lastly there is mechanical engineering that concerns with machinery such as power generation, aircraft, weapons systems and the like. From these major disciplines are several sub-disciplines that specialize in specific industries or products. For example computer engineering which is a sub-discipline of electrical engineering.


So if you are thinking of becoming an engineer in the future, you will have a better idea of what is engineering, its main function and major disciplines and sub-disciplines.

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